Words of Elite Informatics

It is a great pleasure to welcome you in the Elite Informatics . Elite Informatics has always been in support of the academic environment through the provision of distinct information services , such as the provision of the best scientific electronic databases and the importation and development of high-tech solutions to support the educational and the information environments . Elite Informatics also strive to support the training and consultation sectors in the field of database services, where we have highly efficient specialists in the field of information management . Elite Informatics is looking forward to participation in the building of scientific databases for highly technical specialties including various vessels through which it supports the Arabic content and contribute to raise the informatics awareness of the academic society members in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Elite Informatics sought to provide its services to the beneficiaries through concluding agreements with major entities like the Saudi Digital Library which provide its services to all government or private Saudi Universities . Therefore, Elite Informatics is proud to be one of the information companies which contributed in raising the level of information services provided to the academic environment in the Saudi Society, and it will keep on doing that, as it believes in the importance of this role which adds to the best interest of the academic institutions in our valued country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .
Elite Informatics